crops and products

Chickens: The farm (and farmer) are completely devoted to chickens. They get feed from Black Rock Milling (low soy),  lettuce from T & D Willey Farms (as their morning treat), and have access to plenty of pasture which is irrigated in the summer. During the winter they have access to two large greenhouses (along with their chicken houses) so they have a place to go during rain and snow.
Eggs: Our eggs are available through Mountain Meadow Farms CSA, and High Country Health in Mariposa. They are also available in egg flats to restaurants.

Turkeys: Mid-September through mid-October are the best times to order your turkey(s) for Thanksgiving. They sell out quickly. Our turkeys are free-range Broad Breasted Bronze. They enjoy tomatoes, apples, yogurt, pasture, and lettuce as treats. $6.49/lb

Heirloom Tomatoes: The tomatoes are grown in the ground in the two of our three large greenhouses during summer and fall. A third greenhouse has been added to allow proper crop rotation insuring a bountiful harvest. They are seasonally available through Mountain Meadow Farms CSA, the Mariposa Farmers' Market, and High Country Health. They are also served at local fine restaurants including the Mountain Room and the Ahwahnee in Yosemite Valley, and Sugar Pine Restaurant in Mariposa. 

The starts are grown by John Teixeira of Lone Willow Organics. Last year (2012) we grew 50 different varieties. A sample list: Black Krim, Paul Robeson, Kellogg's Breakfast, Fantastic, Flamme, Hawaiian Pineapple, Marizol Gold, Box Car Willy, Cherokee Chocolate, Moon Glow, Big Russian Roma, Beef Steak, Pale Face, Marizol Bratka, Vintage Wine, Black Cherry, Pink Brandywine, Chocolate Stripes, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Georgia Streak, Big Beef, German Red Strawberry, Gold Medal Yellow, Florida Pink, Big Rainbow, Costoluto Genovese, Armenian, Hess.

We also sell some extras through our CSA, such as coffee and olive oil.